Workshop 15: Age Invaders: The Effect of Increasing Longevity on Wealth Management

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 -
10:20am to 11:10am

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This year more adult diapers will be sold in Japan than baby diapers, due to a decreased birth rate and increasing longevity.  Now, it’s happening here.  In 1900, the average American lifespan was 47 years, but now people can expect to live well past 80.  Children born today will increasingly live to 100.  As longevity increases, what are the consequences for investment advisors and consultants?  Clients are going to be increasingly "grayer," and therefore, new thinking for products and services that best fit their financial needs is needed.  As people live longer, their spending, healthcare, and housing patterns change, as well as their opportunities for accumulating wealth.  Can you expect to see 100 year bonds and mortgages, delayed retirements, and longer investment horizons?  This session examines the anticipated changes and implications of increased longevity.