VOL. 7, NO. 3, WINTER 2005/2006

Year Published: 

Editorial Comment, Edward D. Baker III, Editor-in-Chief

The Masters Series
From Concept to Function: Converting Market Theories into Practical Investment Tools—A Discussion with Barr Rosenberg, PhD

Recent Research
Investment Strategies to Exploit Economic Growth in China, Burton G. Malkiel, PhD, Jianping Mei, PhD, and Rui Yang, PhD
Measuring the Benefits of Diversification and the Performance of Money Managers, Meir Statman, PhD, and Jonathan Scheid, CFA®
The Problematic "Style" Grid, C. Thomas Howard, PhD, and Craig T. Callahan, DBA

Behavioral Finance
Behavioral Finance Approach to Strategic Asset Allocation, Jean L. P. Brunel, CFA®

Promoting a Fiduciary Culture, Lewis a. Sanders, CFA®