VOL. 7, NO. 2, 2005

Year Published: 

The Masters Series
Insights from a Pioneer in Portfolio Theory and Practice: A Talk with Nobel Laureate William F. Sharpe, PhD

Recent Research
Beautiful Asset: Art as Investment, Jianping Mei, PhD, and Michael Moses, PhD
Reconciling Efficient Markets with Behavioral Finance: The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis, Andrew W. Lo, PhD

Behavioral Finance
Martha Stewart’s Lessons in Behavioral Finance, Meir Statman, PhD

Turning to the Positive Side of Ethics in the Financial Services Industry, Joseph A. Holt, JD

Legal and Regulatory
New Law Requires Sweeping Changes to Executive Compensation Arrangements, Randy Hardock, JD, Cathy Creech, JD, and Jason Bortz, JD

Practice Notes
Understanding Risk Measurement Tools, Brian J. Jacobsen, PhD, and Barry K. Mendelson, CIMA®