VOL. 6, NO. 2, WINTER 2003/2004

Year Published: 

The Masters Series
Market Efficiency and Active Management: A Non-Random Talk with Burton G. Malkiel, PhD

Recent Research
Can Public Funds Compete? Richard M. Ennis, CFA®
Emerging Markets, Edward D. Baker III
Global Demographics: An Economic and Geopolitical Time Bomb, Martin H. Barnes
The Performance of Mutual Funds That Close to New Investors, Bradford D. Jordan, PhD, Randy D. Jorgensen, PhD, and Joseph C. Smolira, PhD
Structural Imperfections in the Algorithm of Certain Equity Style Indexes, Kenneth E. Scislaw and Dorla Evans, PhD

Ethics Experts and the Problem of Self-Deception, Gordon D. Marino, PhD

Legal and Regulatory
Investing in Hedge Funds Through Private Placement Life Insurance, Leslie C. Giordani, JD, and Amy P. Jetel, JD

Practice Notes
Manager Selection and Retention: Putting the Odds in Your Favor, Bruce Curwood, CIMA®, CFA®