VOL. 1, NO. 1, DECEMBER 1998

Year Published: 

Guest Commentary
Escaping the Either/Or Conundrum, Marianne M. Jennings, JD

Featured Articles
Asset Allocation and Stock Selection: On the Importance of Active Strategies, A. Craig MacKinlay, PhD
The Costs of Trading and the Quest for New Market Structures, Wayne H. Wagner
HNWI: Some More Insights, Charlotte B. Beyer
How Effective Is Effective Mix, Jon A. Christopherson, PhD, and Frank C. Sabin
Investing in Emerging Markets: The Fundamental Requisites, Charles M. Seeger, JD
Modeling Recent Global Volatility, Vinod Chadrashekaran, PhD
Portability of Investment Performance, Marianne K. Smythe, JD, Robert G. Bagnall, JD, and Cherie L. Macauley, JD