May/June 2012—Alternative Investments

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Feature Articles
A Better Paradigm for Selecting Alternative Investments, Nathan Lee, CFA®, Kyle Cox, CFA®,
and Patrick R. Morris
Charting the Growth Path of Alternative Mutual Funds, Jon Sundt and Allen Cheng
Exotic Beta: A Primer, Joe DeLuca
Hedge Funds and the Taxable Investor, Robert N. Gordon
In Search of Crisis Alpha, Kathryn M. Kaminski, PhD
International Small-Cap Stocks: An Underutilized Asset Class, John P. Collins, CIMA®,
Ralf Scherschmidt, and Brian K. Lee
Managed Futures: Characteristics and Considerations, Kenneth S. Webster, CPA
The Alternatives to Alternatives, Matthew Murphy, CFA®
The Evolution of Alternative Investing: New Approaches, New Thinking, New Conversations, Robert Mileff, CIMA®, CAIA, and Nathan Sonnenberg, CFA®, CAIA
The Rise (and Fall) of Volatility Products, Sam Campbell

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