May/June 2007—Marketing Services/Asset Gathering

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Feature Articles
Change in the Industry: A Sea of Challenges and Waves of Opportunities, Jackie Charnley and Christine Røstvold
Meet the New Virtual Client-Facing Investment Professional, Allan Starkie, PhD
Permissibility of Principal Transactions in Fee-Based Consulting, David J. Gordon, Esq., CIMA®, CFP®, CMFC
Show Some Passion,  Susan Hirshman, CPA, CFP®, CFA®
So You Think Your Marketing Practices Are Compliant? Thomas D. Giachetti, Esq.
Speak as Well as You Think, John Vautier
Successfully Selling Retirement and Investment Advisory Services to Baby Boomers, Jim Gilmartin
Why Branding Matters for Investment Advisors, Peter Montoya
World’s Most Successful Design, Tom Mallon

Behavioral Finance
Emotions Series: Affect, Meir Statman, PhD

Book Review
Your Management Sucks, Mark Stevens

Canadian Connection
Building on Real Estate, Simon Segall