July/August 2005—Tools of the Trade

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Feature Articles
Better Return Forecasts for Mean-Variance Optimization—Black-Litterman Implied Returns, Jill A.D. Adrogue
Core Clarifies Contradiction in Second Quarter of 2005, Ron Surz, CIMA®
Electronic Recordkeeping for Investment Advisers, Kimberly Hill, CRCP, and Daniel Y. Smith, CFA®
GIPS—Do You Measure Up? Brian Henderson, PhD
Making the Web Work for Consultants, Kip Gregory
Model-Based Multimanager Accounts, Keitha L. Kinne, CIMA®, and J. Gibson Watson III, CIMA®
Tools, Tips, and Thoughts: Insight from Our Survey, Advice for Our Members, Elizabeth A. Wann, CIMA®, and James E. McWhinney

Canadian Connection
Deriving a Competitive Advantage in Investments, Bruce B. Curwood, CIMA®, CFA®