January/February 2006—Institutional Consulting

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Feature Articles
Active Portfolio Rebalancing: A Disciplined Approach to Keeping Clients on Track, John Nersesian, CIMA®, CIS, CFP®
Get Off the Performance Treadmill, John P. Collins, CIMA®, ChFC
Highlights of Perspectives on 2005, Ron Surz, CIMA®
Manager Databases, Petra K. Mulvey, CIMA®
Pension-Plan Reform and the Investment Consultant: Addressing the Financial Risks of Plan Sponsors, Chad Goerner, CIMA®, CFP®, and Tom Applegate, CFA®
A Status Report on U.S. Pensions: The Savings and Loan Crisis Revisited, Philip J. Scrofani and Robert G. Smith III, CIMA®
What You Need to Know to Branch into Institutional Business, Eric J. Maskalunas, CIMA®, and Joseph D. Taiber, CIMA®
Why Investors Choose Stable Value, Gina Mitchell

Behavioral Finance
Cognitive Biases Series: Confirmation Bias, Meir Statman, Ph.D.

Canadian Connection
The State of Defined Benefit Pension Plans in Canada, Ian Markham, FCIA

Practice Management
Practice Management: Sales and Marketing Tools and Resources