January/February 2011—Manager Search and Selection

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Feature Articles
Asset Allocation and Manager Selection: Adaptive Allocation, Anthony B. Davidow, CIMA®
Best Practices in Alternative Investments: Due Diligence, The Greenwich Roundtable
Is Revenue Sharing Bloating Your Client’s 401(k) Costs? Marshall J. Cobb, CRSP
Is Your Alpha Big Enough to Cover Its Taxes? Revisited, Robert D. Arnott, Andrew L. Berkin, PhD, and Paul Bouchey, CFA®
The New "Trust but Verify", Ron Surz, CIMA®
Performance Evaluation of Active Managers: An Overview of Current Practice, Jason Hsu, PhD, Vitali Kalesnik, PhD, and Russ Wermers, PhD
What Investors Really Want: Searching for Beat-the-Market Money Managers, Meir Statman, PhD
When to Fire an Investment Manager, Jolie K. Keller, CFA®, Rick Iwanski, CFA®, and Barry K. Mendelson, CIMA®
Why Investment Advisors Need to Know About Private Placement Life Insurance, Bob Chesner

An Ethical Approach to Conflict Resolution and the Power of an Apology, Jeffrey B. Thomas, JD, CIMA®, CPWA®, CDFA®