November/December 2014—Governance

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Feature Articles—November/December 2014
A Best Practice Model for All Clients: Prudent Investing for Private Trust and Charitable Foundation Portfolios, Blaine F. Aikin, AIFA®, CFA®, CFP®, and Duane R. Thompson, AIFA®
Assisting Investment Stewards with Investment Governance, Robert Burns, CFA®, AIF®
Bolstering Governance with an Outsourced CIO, Steven F. Charlton, CFA®
Due Care: The Forgotten Fiduciary Duty, Brian Golob, JD, and Aran Murphy
Good Governance, Better Decisions? Michael Falk, CFA®, CRC, James Ware, CFA®, and Keith Robinson
Governance and Investing: Why Firms are Adopting ESG Principles, Darby Hobbs and Alexandra Jostrom
Optimizing Operating Models in Wealth Management, Brent Beardsley, David Bronstein, Neil Pardasani, and Hans Montgomery
Purpose-Driven Sustainable Withdrawal Rate, Jim Otar, CFP®
Stewardship Matters: Positive Investor Experience Demands More Than Investment Skill, Bridget B. Hughes, CFA®
The Challenge of Corporate Governance: An Australian Perspective, Paul Reid
The Politics of Retirement: Impending Changes to Private Retirement Plans, Marcia S. Wagner, Esq.
The Uniform Fiduciary Standard and ERISA Plans: A New Kind of Status Quo Is Emerging for Brokers, Charles G. Humphrey, Esq.
To Err Is Human, but Smaller Funds Can Succeed by Mitigating Cognitive Bias, Bruce Curwood, CIMA®, CFA®

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