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IMCA Legislative Intelligence provides useful updates and information on legislation and regulations that affect IMCA members and their clients. The monthly email helps members keep a pulse on the happenings in Washington and elsewhere. If you are an IMCA member and are not receiving Legislative Intelligence emails, contact Elissa Motley at emotley@imca.org.

Note: Legislative Intelligence is prepared by Potomac Strategies for IMCA. It is strictly informational and should not be relied upon as legal or compliance advice. IMCA, as an education and credentialing organization, does not lobby Congress, regulators, or advocate for any particular legislative or regulatory position either on its own or through its relationship with Potomac Strategies.

Legislative Intelligence Update—current issue

February 2017—Legislative Intelligence Update | In Wild Week of Surprises, DOL Rule May End Up on Chopping Block

Legislative Intelligence Update | IMCA Meets With Washington Regulators, Capitol Hill Staff | Securities and Exchange Commission Offers Robo Guidance

IMCA Leaders Visit Capitol Hill 

IMCA Government Relations Committee (GRC) members ‘stormed’ Capitol Hill in September 2014 to raise the awareness about the organization and its members. On September 16, IMCA volunteers met with two members of Congress and as well as staffs from two ther members, most of whom serve on key committees overseeing the financial services and pension industries. In addition during its annual visit to Capitol Hill Sept. 16–17, IMCA leadership took time to meet with senior staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission in two key departments that oversee the market conduct standards for wealth managers: the Division of Investment Management (IM) and the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE). IM plays an important role in developing regulations and interpretive guidance for registered investment advisers (RIAs) while OCIE essentially interprets the rules, drafted by IM and approved by the SEC Commissioners, as part of its periodic surprise inspections of firms’ books and records. Representing IMCA at the meetings were Chairman John Nersesian, Chief Executive Officer Sean Walters, and Government Relations Committee Chair Betsy Piper/Bach.
(L-R: IMCA Chair John Nersesian and Government Relations Committee Chair Betsy Piper/Bach meet with Rep. David Scott (D-GA) in Washington, D.C. Photo by Eddie  Arrossi)