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For over 30 years, IMCA has been the industry’s gathering place for premier investment and wealth management professionals. 

  • IMCA members collectively manage $2.477 Trillion.

  • $201.8 million AUM which is 4 times the overall industry average of $52.8 million per advisor.

  • 53% of IMCA members have more than 20 years of industry experience (22% have 15-19 years of experience).

  • 38% of IMCA members serve clients with a net worth of $2 million or more, compared to only 21% of other advisors.

  • 84% of IMCA members describe themselves as earning fee-based compensation.

  • IMCA attracts the industry’s most influential advisors from every channel (Wirehouse, Independent, RIA, and Bank channels).

  • IMCA members advise more high-end clients than other advisors in the industry.

Our ultimate goal is to offer IMCA members the highest quality educational experience. Quality content attracts a quality audience, which is why IMCA events are an ideal place to help you put your brand at the crossroads of elite advisor engagement. Find out more about the type of advisor that attends an IMCA conference in this IMCA member profile.         

Whether you are looking to exhibit at a specific IMCA event, or are interested in maximizing your brand exposure throughout the entire calendar year through one of our Partnership programs, IMCA has multiple opportunities to accommodate a range of budgets to help meet your marketing and branding needs.

To learn more about IMCA Partnerships, Sponsorships, Exhibits, Advertising, Educational Programs, and Research Opportunities, please contact:

Lara Davies (Eastern Region) Ph: 303.850.3081
Suzie Byrnes (Western Region) Ph: 303.850.3093

Exhibitors and sponsors share their experiences with IMCA.   

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