Essentials of Investment Consulting Certificate Program

Essentials of Investment Consulting

The Essentials of Investment Consulting (EIC) certificate program is designed for financial services professionals seeking to enhance their fundamental knowledge of core topics related to the investment consulting process. The program covers fundamental concepts and applications including: the mathematics of managing money and building portfolios; understanding the various types of investments; how to select managers, measure performance, and monitor results; and how to set and implement investment strategies using investment policy statements as a guide.

The EIC program incorporates a comprehensive set of educational content and self-evaluation tools into an online, self-study environment, including 12 learning modules organized within an online learning center. Each module offers:

  • Required reading assignments available as online PDF articles, followed by a reading “checkpoint” designed to give learners a quick way to assess that they captured the essential concepts within each module.
  • An expert review of the key learning objectives within some modules, presented by industry leaders as a streaming or downloadable audio file with PowerPoint slides.
  • An application assignment (to be used as a self-assessment tool).
  • Ask-the-expert, real time assistance for students.

Process to earn the certificate

Participants must successfully pass three quizzes during the 12-module learning path to receive a certificate of completion. Each module is estimated to take 2-3 hours to complete, which may vary depending on the participant’s level of expertise. All participants have 11 months from the date of registration to access the program, but it can be completed successfully in six months.

Topic Highlights

  • Module 1: Algebra and Statistics: Calculate mathematical problems using common notation, simple algebra, and basic statistics
  • Module 2: Time Value of Money and Rates of Return: Perform time value of money calculations and learn to calculate different rates of return
  • Module 3: Fixed Income-Duration and Yield: Perform various bond calculations
  • Module 4: Measuring Risk: Calculate risk using different models and formulas
  • Module 5: Performance Measurement: Measure a portfolio’s composite performance and risk
  • Module 6: Capital Markets: Describe the major characteristics of the capital markets, modern portfolio theory, and the efficient frontier and what they tell us about risk and return
  • Module 7: Asset Allocation: Describe the major asset classes, categories, styles, strategies, and structures
  • Module 8: Alternative Investments: Describe alternative investments including various types and structures
  • Module 9: Investment Policy: Describe the investment policy statement and the investment consultant/client relationship
  • Module 10: Manager Search and Selection: Describe the manager search and selection process
  • Module 11: Due Diligence: List key elements of performance reporting standards from IMCA, CFA Institute, and the SEC
  • Module 12: Portfolio Evaluation: Describe different benchmarking techniques and the role of performance attribution in portfolio evaluation

IMCA e-Campus

IMCA’s e-campus offers access to the Essentials of Investment Consulting Certificate Program. Click here to log into IMCA’s e-campus.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does EIC provide continuing education (CE) credit?

Yes. This program provides 9 hours of continuing education (CE) credit for CIMA/CPWA/CIMC certifications and CFP certification.

How much does EIC cost?

The EIC program costs US$595 for IMCA members and US$795 for nonmembers. To register for the Essentials of Investment Consulting certificate program online, click here. You may also download, complete, and submit a hardcopy application form by clicking here.

Are there registration discounts for large groups?
Yes. E-mail Lara Davies or call 303.850.3081 (east coast companies) or e-mail Suzie Byrnes/call 303.850.3093 (west coast/mid-west companies) for more information on pricing.

Can EIC be customized for large groups?
Yes. E-mail Lara Davies/call 303.850.3081 (east coast companies) or e-mail Suzie Byrnes/call 303.850.3093 (west coast/mid-west companies) for more information about customization capabilities and pricing.

What are the benefits of joining IMCA before pursuing the EIC Certificate?
EIC is a valuable tool for professionals. It can be used to expand their knowledge of investment consulting or as part of a professional development path for those who are eventually planning to begin the process of CIMA certification. By joining IMCA when registering for EIC, individuals gain access to complementary educational resources and support. Click here to learn more about IMCA membership.

Continuing Education
This program provides 9 hours of continuing education (CE) credit for CIMA/CPWA/CIMC certifications. The CFP Board of Standards has accepted the program for 9 hours of continuing education (CE) credit for CFP certification. IMCA is registered with NASBA as a sponsor of continuing professional education. Please note that this is a certificate program and successful completion does not result in a professional designation or credential.