CIMA Study Resources

QER VideoBefore beginning the study process, CIMA® certification candidates should complete the following three steps:

1. Download the Candidate Handbook. The Detailed Content Outline on page 6 can serve as a study guide for the exams.

2. Download IMCA’s Sample Formula Sheet for CIMA Certification. The formulae on this sheet are a resource only, and are not a substitute for understanding and applying the topics covered on the exams. This formula sheet, which is updated periodically, contains formulae that may be expressed differently by academic publishers and providers of study/review materials.

3. Review IMCA's Code of Professional Responsibility.

A number of resources are available to understand the CIMA certification process and study for the Qualification and Certification exams. The following resources can help candidates study for the Qualification and Certification exams. No single resource, however, is intended to provide exhaustive or comprehensive coverage of all topics found on the exams. These resources are designed to enhance a candidate’s knowledge in the key areas tested in the CIMA certification program. Ultimately it is the candidate’s responsibility to determine how comfortable they are in their knowledge of the topics included on detailed content outlines for the exams and to seek additional industry resources.

IMCA Offerings

  • Candidate Resource Center
    This free online resource for candidates who are also IMCA members provides topic overview readings, section quizzes, and other helpful resources, including calculator tutorials. View the CIMA Calculator Policy.

Independent Review and Overview Offerings
The following independent providers offer examination review, tutoring, and/or overview services to candidates and interested individuals.

(Note: IMCA makes no assertion regarding the quality or knowledge of these providers. The providers offering these resources have no knowledge of the examination items included on the Qualification or Certification exams.) 

Independent Self-study Textbooks
Any college level textbook that teaches to the topics on the detailed content outline for the exams can serve as a study resource. View example textbooks.

Calculator Resources
Candidates should familiarize themselves with an acceptable financial calculator. Guidance for using non-programmable calculators can be found on the independent websites: eLearnAbout or Calculator Tutorial Index.

IMCA Calculator Policy for the CIMA® Qualification and Certification Examinations
IMCA will allow use of the following calculators on the Qualification and Certification Examinations: HP 10b, HP 10bII, HP 10bII Plus, HP 12C, HP 12C Platinum, HP 17B, HP 17BII and HP 17BII Plus, as well as the Texas Instrument BA II Plus, BA II Plus Professional and BA II Plus Business Analyst. Newer and older versions of these calculators will be allowed for use.

Candidates are required to clear their financial calculator's memory prior to an examAny notes, including manually programmed formulas, will not be allowed in the testing area. If the calculator has notes/formulas printed on the calculator, or includes any other information, it must be removed or covered by solid color tape. Calculators are subject to inspection by test center staff.

(Note: IMCA does not endorse or recommend any specific model for use on the CIMA Qualification and Certification Examinations.)