Certification Renewal Requirements and Guidelines

Like most credible credentials, the CIMA®/CIMC®/CPWA® certifications must be renewed on a regular basis. Every two years following initial certification and authorization to use the certification marks, certificants must successfully complete IMCA’s certification renewal requirements to maintain the certification.

The three certification renewal requirements are:

1. Complete and report a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education (CE) credit, including two ethics hours.

2. Pay a certification renewal fee. Click here for information about aligning your IMCA membership and CIMA certification renewals.

3. Complete a compliance disclosure and indicate continued adherence to IMCA's Code of Professional Responsibility, and Rules and Guidelines for Use of the Marks, as well as disclose any federal/state regulatory actions or complaints. 

The certification period begins on the first day of the month that the license is effective and expires on the last day of the renewal month. For your convenience, you may check your certification renewal period requirements and expiration date by logging into the "My IMCA" section of the website. 

All CE hours must be processed by IMCA and payment and completed compliance disclosure must be submitted before the expiration date to meet the three certification renewal requirements. Failure to meet all certification renewal requirements will result in loss of the right to use the certification marks.Certification renewal requirements may change at the discretion of IMCA’s volunteer Certification Commission. Certificants will be notified in advance of any certification renewal requirements changes.

  • Click here for information about aligning your IMCA membership and CIMA certification renewals.
  • Click here for details about your CE status, to report CE, and for the status of other renewal requirements.
  • Click here for information about opportunities to earn CE.
  • Click here for accepted CE topics.
  • Click here for the Renewal Requirements Guide.