CIMA Certification Process

The CIMA certification program takes most candidates nine months to a year to complete. The process requires candidates to meet all eligibility requirements, including the “four E’s”: experience, education, examination, and ethics. Candidates must complete these five sequential steps to earn CIMA certification:

Applicants must complete and submit the CIMA Certification Program Application and application fee (for current application fees, click here). The application requests contact information, work experience, and disclosure of any complaints and regulatory actions. Submission of an application will result in a background check conducted by IMCA’s staff. Applications are valid for two years from the date they are processed by IMCA. 


For information about putting a group of advisors or employees through the CIMA certification process, contact Suzie Byrnes (west coast/mid-west companies) and/or Lara Davies (east coast companies).

Click here to learn how—and why—J.P. Morgan Funds Management helps its employees earn CIMA certification.